• Bathroom doors with interior glass Wega 70

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Interior panel doors

  • Type: WC
  • door width (cm):70
  • Finish / Construction:FINISH FOIL

(standard / sash design described below)

Standard equipment

  • 2 screw-in trunnion hinges,
  • key lock, bathroom lock or insert lock (WB customer's request),
  • in vega doors bathroom ventilation sleeves (in the color of the leaf),

The price of the door does not include door frames.


As standard,  WEGA wings are glazed with Decormat glass


Available colors:


Other door variants available at our auctions:



For all sashes we offer fixed or adjustable door frames in the color of the sash. The color shade of the frame may be slightly different from the color of the sash.  You will find door frames for the offered doors at our other auctions.

Door frame markings:

  • OA-1 - Fixed door frame for HDF wings, FOIL
  • OR-1 - Adjustable door frame for HDF sashes, FOIL

Sash construction

  • FOIL - the basis of the sash structure is a wooden frame made of MDF, combined with cardboard filling in the form of a honeycomb. The sash is covered on both sides with foiled HDF board in the latest SOFT technology, which guarantees a very high aesthetics of finishing all elements. Doors in SOFT technology have rounded edges which improves their aesthetic appearance and makes, that they are more resistant to intensive use. Thanks to this solution, the edges are more safe for the hands of children and adults. SOFT technology consists in veneering surfaces without joining them at the edges of the rebate. By using such technology, the edges become more resistant to damage because there is no possibility of tearing or tearing the side veneer. It is connected in the inner edge of the rebate, which makes the connection invisible. Doors covered with foil are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage as well as well tolerate the effects of moisture.

Internal slab doors - dimensions of sashes and frames


Options available at an additional charge

  • one unusualness 80 PLN
  • two or more unusualness 130 zł
  • felc 2cm* 110 PLN
  • width 100 cm 45 PLN
  • width 110 cm 55 PLN
  • ventilation sleeves with assembly 35 PLN
  • ventilation undercut 35 PLN
  • ventilation grille with assembly 35 zł
  • double-leaf doors* (2x leaf price + surcharge) 55 PLN
  • non-rebated sash - for installation as a sliding 90 zł
  • filling with hole chipboard* 170 PLN
  • additional hinge in the  wings 20 zł
  • change of glass to a different one than in the standard 15 PLN
  • adaptation to shorten the sash by max 10 cm* 45 PLN

Surcharges – fixed frame:

- offer no.: 10132678248

Surcharges - adjustable door frames:

scope (mm)   /  offer number in allegro (copy the offer number and paste in the allegro search engine)

  • 45-75         10103186624
  • 75-95         10103219222
  • 95-120       10103214725
  • 120-140     10103228789
  • 140-160     10103231584
  • 160-180     10103249296
  • 180-200     10103253834
  • 200-220     10103264620
  • 220-240     10103270030
  • 240-260     10103272548
  • 260-280     10103274404
  • 280-300     10103286414
  • 300-320     10132720088
  • 320-340     10132740987
  • 340-360     10132742530
  • 360-380     10132754144
  • 380-400     10132756655
  • 400-420     10132785409

Direction of door opening


right door - if we see the hinges on the right side opening the door to each other

left door - if we see the hinges on the left side opening the door on each other

Remark! In order to adjust the appropriate door to your individual needs, please SEND INFORMATION ABOUT THE SELECTED DIRECTION OF DOOR OPENING AFTER THE PURCHASE.

A - left door

B - right door

C - left door

D - right door

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